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What we get up to...

All year round Tyn Y Coed is a busy place, whether it be tending to our bees, planting and coppicing our willows, looking after our animals and planning retreat days and stays.


Never a dull moment!




Upon arrival, all our guests are presented with a 'welcome pack' and we are proud to be able to include a jar of our very own hive honey amongst other delicious tasty goodies!

Situated in a safe and secluded area on our farmland we have over 25 very active and productive hives, not only producing the most delicious honey but helping to promote a green and healthy lifestyle...we all need bees more than we realise!

Our honey is available to buy from our sister company at Caesars Farm Shop which is situated a few minutes stroll away.



In January 2018 we planted over 250 willows in our 'withy bed'.

Willow has been used for centuries for basketry, fuel, fencing, habitats and for creating the most beautiful, unique ornamental and architectural creations.

We currently have 12 different varieties including; Red Curly, Violet Willow, Blue Stem, Deep Purple, Golden, Golden Yellow, Jaune Hative, Harrisons, White Welsh, Yelverton, Caradoc and Snake...all different shapes, sizes and colours..simply stunning.

Having had two successful harvests we use our homegrown willows as organic decoration throughout our properties.

We sell them in bundles in our Farm Shop or please message us for any more information.



Since opening our doors to visitors we have played host to a large number of film and T.V directors, presenters, cast and crews from around the world, including 'Dream Horse' and the Alexander McQueen Fashion House.

We provide a safe and secure haven, 'far from the madding crowd' where all our guests can enjoy privacy and a place to relax.

We have also hosted as a filming location, most recently for CBeebies! 

We offer a diverse range of possible filming locations, which include our restaurant, our farm shop and gardens, ponds, farmland and extensive woodland.

Please message us with any queries.


Something new and very exciting took place September 2020. Amidst the chaos and confusion of the pandemic we hosted the most amazing most peaceful and productive day imaginable.

In partnership with the incredibly gifted and caring 121 team championed by Ryan Evans, individuals came together and experienced a truly magical day, focussing on the 'self' through sessions in yoga, HIIT, general fitness and self reflection.

We are in the process of planning more days and indeed weekend stays here at Tyn Y Coed which will include nutrition and self care.

Please keep an eye out for more information!

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